Bubble Hand 2012

Dedicated for Simon&Doud 2012


Rabbit serie 2012

Back in the days

"Ouroboros" Fountain pen_A5

Fountain pen A5
Fountain pen

Fountain pen A3
Watercolours_fountain pen A

"Vodoo" Fountain pen_A4
Fountain pen_Ink A4
Fountain pen_A4
"Acab" Fountain pen
"Krylon" Fountain pen_A4 
"Utopia" Fountain pen_A4

"Talking about dream" Pencil_A4
"Be a hero or Be a bléro" Fountain pen_felt tip pen_A4

Ball point_A5

Fountain pen_A5

Asylum A5

Fountain pen_A3
"City" Fountain pen_A4

Fountain pen_A5

Ball_point A6